The Speedway Mini 4 Pro is one of the most reliable electric scooters on the market. 

At around 16 kg the Mini 4 Pro is compact, foldable and easily transportable. Don’t be fooled by its compact design, the mini 4 pro packs a punch! With a power of  1360 watt and a battery of 48 volt, the Mini 4 pro has a top speed of around  45 km/h and a range of up to 55 km (48V 16 AH LG version).

All  of this including a combination of electrical and mechanical breaks, full suspension and even head/braking lights makes the Mini 4 Pro a solid and fun part of your everyday commute!

The Commuting Choice For The Smart Rider

Meet the Speedway Mini 4 Pro, a very stylish, reliable and durable electric scooter. This electric scooter is portable enough to be carried with you everywhere you go, and powerful enough to take you wherever you need to be. Say hello to the smart choice for the smart rider because the Mini 4 Pro is here to stay and become a fun part of your everyday commute!

The Power To Survive And The Range That Doesn't Leave You Behind

An electric scooter can be very compact and very portable, but if it lacks the power to drive in the volatile urban environment and it lacks the battery power to survive for a while without a recharge, then it simply cannot function as the everyday choice of transport. Happily this is not the case with the Speedway Mini 4 Pro. This electric scooter is very compact and very portable, but it also comes equipped with a MAX 1360W BLDC Motor that will make you climb slopes without using your feet. The Strong battery can, depending on what model type you chose, give you a range from 40 km up to 55 km. This gives you the power you need to continue enjoying your day with everyone else, without ever having to be left behind because of the need to recharge.

Easy Charging Everywhere You Go

The Mini 4 Pro is a compact, foldable an easily chargeable electric scooter. Tuck it away and charge this electric scooter in exactly the same way as you charge your phone.

Rear Drum Brake And Electric Brake With ABS

The Speedway Mini 4 Pro comes with a rear disc brake and electric brake with regenerative charging. The electric brake can be adjusted to get the desired braking power and it also complements the mechanical brake with additional braking power. For increased durability, the electric brake also helps to protect against extreme situations with premature locking of the mechanical brake. The possibility of regenerative charging is positive for your battery power and can also help preserve your brakes due to the added resistance. Also the ABS system in the Mini 4 Pro will keep your tires from locking during braking.

Dual Suspension System For Increased Comfort

The Mini 4 Pro comes with a dual suspension system making sure your rides are as comfortable as ever on any type of road!


The Speedway Mini 4 Pro lights are mainly designed to improve security and predictability on the fast paced urban environment, especially during darker hours. The LED Headlight on the front, turn light on the back and brake lights, will provide you and your fellow trafficants with the increased visibility and security you need in the urban environment, especially during the darker hours.

Portable Size With Foldable Handle Bars

The Mini 4 Pro is a very compact, portable and easily foldable electric scooter! It’s foldable system makes the scooter very compact and easy to tuck away. Even both handlebars can be folded down, making the scooter even more compact when folded! A great feature necessary for transporting any electric scooter, especially in the back of your trunk!


Model Type

Speedway Mini 4 Pro (48V, 13 AH)

Speedway “Super” Mini 4 Pro (LG 3200, 48V, 16 AH)


MAX 1360W, Continuous 500W BLDC HUB motor



48 volt  – 13 Ah – 624 Wh

48 volt  – 16 Ah – 768 Wh – LG 3200 cells

Charge Time

6-7 hours with standard charger

7-8 hours with standard charger

Max Range (range may vary depending on rider weight and road conditions)

Up to 40 km

Up to 55 km

Max Speed

Up to 45 km/h (capped to 25 km/h with speed wire)


Climbing Grade (depending on rider weight and state of charge)

Around 27% depending on rider weight and state of charge



8 inch solid rear with 8 inch tubed pneumatic front tire


Braking System

Regenerative Electric Drum Brakes +ABS


Suspension System

Front and rear Dual suspension


Max Load

120 kg


Scooter weight

around 16 kg


Unfolded size

1020 x 530 x 1180mm


Folded size (length, width, height)

970 x 180 x 330mm


Product Material

Product Material: Aluminum Alloy Frame