The Dualtron Ultra is the master of all off road electric scooters. The Ultra packs a huge 5400 Watt BLDC motor with heat sinks and a massive 60V 32 Ah battery which will get you a maximum speed of around 85 km/h and a range of up to 120 km. 

Unlike other electric scooters where the terrain and grade of the road negatively affects performance and comfort, the Ultra, with its knobby and massive 11 inch ultra wide off road tires, is unstoppable and made for the vigorous off road terrain.

The Ultimate Off Road Machine

Meet the Dualtron Ultra, the ultimate off road machine built to withstand extreme conditions. Extreme power, build quality & durability is a must in the harsh off road environment and the Dualtron Ultra delivers. The boundaries of electric scooter technology has once again been widened and with the Ultra, the off road is no longer a place to fear, for the electric scooter.  

MAX 5400W BLDC Motor & 60V 32 AH LG Battery

The Dualtron Ultra dual motors are really powerful coming in at Max 5400W. The power comes with the need to provide you with the overwhelming acceleration, climbing and off road ability that you need to withstand the harsher conditions. Great power must also come with a great battery, especially in the rougher and more demanding terrain. That is why the Ultra is equipped with a high quality and durable 60V 32AH LG battery that will get you a range of up to 120km.

160mm Dual Disk Brakes & Dual Electric Brakes With ABS

The Dualtron Ultra comes with Dual 160mm Disc Brakes, giving you superior braking power, and Dual electric brakes with regenerative charging. The electronic brakes is a must for any off road electric scooter to prevent premature locking of the mechanical brakes, on sandy and slippery surface typically seen in the off road. The default and crucial ABS system in the Ultra will also keep your tires from locking during braking.

Shock Absorbing Dual Suspension System Made For The Off Road

The Dualtron Ultra comes with a dual high density and high impact PU suspension system to provide superior riding comfort over rough terrain. The Suspension system is able to absorb larger shocks, and also smaller vibrations, thanks to the suspension system being on both the front and rear wheels.

11 Inch Knobby And Ultra Wide Off Road Tires

The Dualtron Ultra comes with huge 11 inch knobby and ultra wide off road tires to provide you with the stability and traction that you need for the off road. 

Special Heat Sink & First Rate Frame Quality And Durability

The Ultra comes equipped with a special heat sink structure that prevents overheating and damage to the controller due to the harsher conditions from the outside. All of the front and rear swing arms are made from specially forged aluminium, similar of that used in aircrafts,  to ensure maximum durability and safety in off road environments. The swing arms, frame and suspension system have all gone through rigorous testing and are designed to withstand extreme external force. Also the Ultra has a 3.5 mm tube that has been added to the existing 5mm handle post in order to enhance durability of the handle pole. This is necessary in order to withstand the extra force coming from hard brakes and jumping. 

Safety Prioritized

The Dualtron Ultra is an electric scooter built for extreme conditions. But safety cannot come from the electric scooter alone, it must also come from you, as the driver. Make sure to wear a full face helmet, protective gloves and also protective gear which protects your knees, elbows, back bone, shoulders and other parts of your body. Ride safely and enjoy the Dualtron Ultra.


Model Type

Dualtron Ultra V2 (LG 3200, 60V, 32 AH)




60 volt  – 32 Ah – 1,920Wh – LG 3200 cells

Charge Time

16 hours with standard charger, 8 hours with 2 standard chargers, 5 hours with the quick charger

Max Range (range may vary depending on rider weight and road conditions)

Up to 100-120 km

Max Speed

Up to 70-80 km/h (capped to 20 km/h with speed wire)

Climbing Grade

Around 70% (35°) depending on rider weight and state of charge


11 inches (Ultra wide off-road tire)

Braking System

Dual 160mm disk brake + ABS.  Front and Rear Brakes

Suspension System

dual high density and high impact PU/Rubber suspension system

Max Load

150 kg

Scooter weight

37 kg

Unfolded size (length, width, height)

1235 x 600 x 1219mm

Folded size (length, width, height)

1235 x 600 x 525mm

Product Material

Frame and handle : Aviation aluminum forging alloy, 6082-T6, Shafts : SCM440, Covers : Polypropylene