The Dualtron 3 is the third generation of electric scooters from Dualtron. This scooter is built to last with thick construction, quality motors and wide tubeless tires which greatly reduces the risk of punctures.

Durability is not all, the Dualtron 3 packs a punch with dual 3600 W motors and a 60V 28AH LG battery which results in an impressive top speed of around 65 km/h with a range of up to 120 km. Combine that with ABS brakes, folding handlebars and adjustable suspension and you can see why the Dualtron 3 embodies the electric scooter with one of the highest technologies available.

The 3rd Generation Dualtron

The Dualtron 3 is the third generation of electric scooters from Dualtron and has been designed from the ground up. Everything from the suspension system, frame quality, brakes, tires and you name it have been completely redesigned to bring the Dualtron Franchise to the next generation.

3 Step Adjustable Rubber Suspension System

The Dualtron 3 comes with Rubber suspensions both on the front and back making sure your rides are as comfortable as ever on any type of  road! The Suspension is also adjustable in 3 steps, giving you the option to adjust the system according to your environment and weight. To add to the customization abilities of the Dualtron 3, you have the option of changing  to 5 different cartridges, where a stronger cartridge results in stronger elasticity.  

Innovative 140mm Mechanical Semi Hydraulic Brakes & ABS

The Dualtron 3 comes with massive mechanical 140mm semi hydraulic brakes giving you outstanding braking power & reliability when braking. The brake performance is further improved by the innovative double-acting zoom caliper. The Dualtron 3 was the first electric scooter with a default ABS system, giving you the added safety you need, when breaking, by keeping your tires from locking.

Easily Maintainable And Wide Tubeless Tires

The Dualtron 3 comes with 1o inc and 2.7 inch wide tubeless tires providing you with outstanding comfort and traction on the road. The tubeless design greatly reduces the risk of punctures and allows for easy repairs when the tire has been damaged. Thanks to the modular wheel design, the tires can be easily changed and maintained.

Reworked And Outstanding Frame Design And Durability

Everything in the Dualtron 3 has been designed from the ground up. A completely new frame, swing arm, suspension arm, folding part and handlebar have been completely reworked to further enhance the durability and completeness of the electric scooter. The cables in the scooter have been sealed, preventing any matter or dust to penetrate the area.

Foldable Handlebar Design With Handle Post

The Dualtron 3 Introduces a completely new foldable system making this a very transportable electric scooter! Firstly the Dualtron 3 has foldable handlebars, making the scooter even more compact when folded. A great feature necessary for transporting any electric scooter, especially in the back of your trunk! Also the Dualtron 3 can fix the handle using the handle post, making the scooter even more stable when it is folded.


Model Type

Dualtron 3 (LG 3200, 60V, 28 AH)




60 volt  – 28 Ah – 1,658 Wh – LG 3500 cells

Charge Time

16 hours with standard charger, 8 hours with 2 standard chargers, 4.3 hours with the quick charger

Max Range (range may vary depending on rider weight and road conditions)

Up to 120 km

Max Speed

Up to 65 km/h (capped to 25 km/h with speed wire)

Climbing Grade

Around 47% (25°) depending on rider weight and state of charge


10inch, 2.7 inch wide. tubeless tire (Proper air pressure 45~50psi)

Braking System

Hydraulic brake calipers (Semi Hydraulic) with ABS standard and 140mm disks. Front and Rear Brakes. Electric Brakes

Suspension System

15-step adjustable new dual rubber suspension

9 step variable suspension system

+ 5 kinds of rubber cartridge replaceable design

Max Load

120 kg

Scooter weight

36 kg

Unfolded size (length, width, height)

1137 x 609 x 1200 mm

Folded size (length, width, height)

1137 x 279 x 526 mm

Product Material

Frame and Handle are aviation grade 6082-T6 aluminum alloy, the shaft is SCM440 steel, and plastic covers