It is difficult not to be amazed by the performance and value of a Dualtron electric scooter. With the addition of the Dualtron Eagle Pro the hole between the Dualtron Spider and Dualtron 3 has finally been filled.

The powerful 3600W motor and 60V 22.4 AH LG battery will make you climb any hill without breaking a sweat while delivering an impressive range of up to 80 km. The Eagle Pro also comes with a default ABS system and a newly featured slow start function which makes the insane performance of the electric scooter even easier to handle, especially for beginners.

A Non Compromisable And Premium Dualtron Experience

Say hello to the Dualtron Eagle Pro. The scooter with the powerful motor that can climb any hill and the scooter with the strong LG battery that will make sure you will enjoy it for a long long time! Add the dual front & rear rubber suspension system, foldable handlebars, ABS and the ultra modern EYE LCD display and you can see why the Dualtron Eagle Pro is seen as the best value electric scooter on the market!

Powerful Dual Motors Delivering MAX 3600W

With the switch of a button, the powerful dual motors from the Dualtron Eagle Pro can deliver an astonishing MAX 3600W, allowing you to climb any slope without breaking a sweat or using your feet.

Outstanding Range and Suspension System

With an impressive and extremely durable 60V 22.4AH LG battery the Dualtron Eagle Pro allows you to ride long and without difficulty in the hilliest of environments! Great Range must also come with great comfort and here again the Dualtron Eagle Pro delivers with a market leading dual rubber suspension system both on the front & back.

Front And Rear Disc Brakes With ABS

Performance is not all in an Dualtron Electric Scooter, Safety is actually the number one priority. That is why the Dualtron Eagle Pro comes equipped with front and rear disk brakes on both ends giving you the braking power you need at all times. For increased safety the Eagle Pro comes with a default ABS system which keeps the tires from locking.

Eye LCD Display With Slow Start Function

The Eagle Pro is equipped with the characteristic Eye LCD Display from Dualtron. The display ensures that you know everything you need to know about your Dualtron Eagle Pro. Cruise control, battery voltage and adjustable power/acceleration are possible with this EYE LCD display. Now the Eagle Pro also gives you the option to use the new slow start function which gives you the possibility of going full throttle without knocking you off your feet! 


Except for being very stylish, the Dualtron Eagle Pro light system is mainly designed to improve security and predictability in the fast paced urban environment. The dual LED Headlight, tail lights on the back and brake lights in the Eagle pro will provide you and your fellow trafficants with the increased visibility and security you need in the urban environment, especially during the darker hours.


Model Type

Dualtron Eagle PRO (LG 3200, 60V, 22.4 AH)




60 volt  – 22.4 Ah -1344Wh – LG 3200 cells

Charge Time

12 hours with standard charger, 6 hours with 2 standard chargers, 3.4 hours with the quick charger

Max Range (range may vary depending on rider weight and road conditions)

Up to 80 km

Max Speed

Up to 75 km/h

Climbing Grade

Around 70% (35°) depending on rider weight and state of charge


10*2.5 wide tube tire (width approximately 6.5 cm)

Braking System

Front and Rear Disc Brakes + Electric ABS

Suspension System

15-step adjustable new dual rubber suspension

9 step variable suspension system

+ 5 kinds of rubber cartridge replaceable design

Max Load

120 kg

Scooter weight

~ 29.5 kg

Unfolded size (length, width, height)


Folded size (length, width, height)


Product Material

Frame and Handle are aviation grade 6082-T6 aluminum alloy, the shaft is SCM440 steel, and plastic covers