Dualtron City

The highly innovative Dualtron City is the safest & most comfortable electric scooter for the urban environment.

It’s big & unique 15 inch tires, high ground clearance & larger wheelbase results in unmatched stability, comfort & safety on the road and puts the fear of potholes in the history books! This Dualtron is made for the City and comes with a built in horn, dedicated turn lights & a removable battery. Great Stability & Safety is combined with massive Dualtron performance thanks to the powerful dual motors allowing you to climb any hill, the huge LG battery providing up to 90 km of range & the fully hydraulic 160mm braking system.

This Dualtron simply comes with no compromises and it´s combination of safety, comfort, practicality and power simply makes it the ultimate urban commuting vehicle!

The Ultimate & Safest Urban Commuter

Minimotors are proud to present the next big thing in electric scooters, the Dualtron City! The Dualtron City brings many innovations and necessities to the electric scooter which makes it by far the most safe, traffic friendly & comfortable scooter to ride. It’s big 15 inch tires, high ground clearance & wheelbase results in unmatched stability & comfort on the road and puts the fear of potholes in the history books! The Urban Environment can be a very volatile place, with many different obstacles and hills. This electric scooter is built with exactly that in mind delivering world class performance & braking power using powerful dual motors delivering up to 4000W & a fully hydraulic 160mm braking system. Great power also comes with great range using the huge & removable 60V25AH LG battery that delivers a fantastic range of up to 90 km! Don´t forget the built-in horn, turn lights and possibility to add a seat and you can see why this electric scooter truly takes the concept of using the electric scooter as a commuting vehicle to the next level!

Safety Using Bigger Wheels, Higher Ground Clearance & Longer Wheelbase

In order to provide you with the most comfortable & safe driving experience the Dualtron City comes with bigger wheels, a higher ground clearance & a longer wheelbase than the conventional electric scooter. The bigger wheels & higher ground clearance will provide you with much improved stability to handle pot holes, uneven roads  & obstacles and will in general be much more forgiving and lead to a safer & more comfortable driving experience. The Longer wheelbase results in a safer riding experience than conventional electric scooters with greatly reduced risks in terms of wobbles and oversteering.

Swappable LG Battery With 90 Km Range

WIth a big 60V25AH LG Battery the Dualtron City does not disappoint and can deliver an astonishing range of up to 90 km. It also comes with a unique and swappable battery design giving you immense freedom like no other electric scooter. Charge the battery wherever you want, bring it with you wherever you go, swap it in seconds with a fully charged one, the list goes on and on.

Light System

Except for being very stylish, the Dualtron City Light & LED system is mainly designed to improve security and predictability in the fast paced urban environment. The dual LED Headlight, rear lights on the back, turn lights and brake lights in the Dualtron City will provide you and your fellow trafficants with the increased visibility and security you need in the urban environment, especially during the darker hours.



Dualtron City (LG 21700, 60V, 25 AH)




60 volt  – 25 Ah – 1500Wh – LG 21700 High Performance Cells


60V30AH x 2 (two in one)

Charge Time

13+ hours with standard charger, 7.5+ hours with 2 standard chargers, 5+ hours with the quick charger

Max Range
(range may vary depending on rider weight, driving behaviour, temperature and road conditions)

Up to 90 km

Max Speed

Up to 70 km/h (capped to 25 km/h by the controller)




15 inch on road pneumatic tire

Braking System

Front & Rear Hydraulic brakes with ABS standard (Zoom brake calipers) & 160mm discs. Front & Rear Electric Brakes

Suspension System

15-step adjustable new dual rubber suspension (front & rear)

9 step variable suspension system

+ 5 kinds of rubber cartridge with replaceable design

Max Load

120 kg

Scooter weight

41.2 kg

Unfolded size

1570 x 615 x 1310mm

Folded size (length, width, height)

1570 x 256 x 750mm

Product Material

Frame and Handle are aviation grade 6082-T6 aluminum alloy, the shaft is SCM440 steel, and plastic covers


  • Foldable Handlebars
  • Removable Battery
  • Loud Horn
  • Turn Lights
  • Double QR Slider for increased stability (Double Clamp Design)
  • Seat Installation available